THE EDITOR / IL MONTATORE – who is he, what he does, what he do
(2006 – 2019, 26′)


THE EDITOR, who is he, what he does, what he do? This documentary tells the story of editing that begins shortly after the history of cinema. Four generations of editors compared: the young TV graduate (Emanuele Innocenzi), the experienced TV editor (Massimiliano Paiella) and two great film editors: Ugo De Rossi, who worked with Fellini, Pasolini, Monicelli, Rosi and Bertolucci and Marco Spoletini, editor of the films of Matteo Garrone and of the great Italian authors. Finally my personal experience as an editor by vocation, who emigrated to Rome to become a professional editor… I created this film in 2006 and this year I finally made the English subtitles, in a new FULL HD version!

THE EDITOR, a documentary written, directed, filmed, narrated, produced and above all edited by Igor Francescato, original music by Sandro Curatolo. The original italian version is here.