by Liliana Nadal traslated into english by Ann Oltra
ispired by the novel by Carlo Collodi
– english version –

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Carpenter Antonio one fine day
obtained a funny piece of wood
that cried and laughed and talked away
just like the little children could.

And when Geppetto came along
the piece of wood soon made a joke
a little boy’s voice said, sing-song,
“Old yellow wig!”. It really spoke!

The old companions fought and cussed
and grasped their wigs with trembling arms
but soon fell down into the dust
so old and weak they did no harm.

Antonio made peace with his friend
and gave him the strange piece of wood
“Here, make a puppet that can bend
and jump and sing, like we once could”.

Geppetto’s hands were old and slow
but carved the puppet all the same
he called his ‘son’ Pinocchio
but Mischief was his middle name.

The naked puppet ran away
and though Geppetto tried his best
to make his little ‘son’ behave
he found himself under arrest.

Then when Pinocchio made his way
back home, a voice came from the wall
a friendly cricket said “You play
too many tricks for one so small”.

The naughty toy grew angry fast
and threw a hammer: how it flew!
Nobody scolded him at last
but he felt cold and hungry too.

He looked for food upon the ground
an egg among the shavings lay,
but when Pinocchio looked around
his lovely meal had flown away!

He ran towards the village lights,
to see if there he’d get some bread
and pressed a doorbell late at night
but they threw water on his head!

Pinocchio, hungry and cold
fell fast asleep upon a chair
his feet into the embers rolled
and burnt away to cinders there.

Then good Geppetto came back home,
all tricks forgotten, with some pears
and gave them to his naughty ‘son’
without a thought for his own cares.

He made his puppet some new feet,
and dressed him in good clothes of wool
but his own jacket went to meet
the cost of reading books for school.

The puppet sold his book again
to buy a ticket for a play
and there he met his puppet friends
and they were glad he’d come that way.

The little puppets sang and danced
but the black-bearded Master came
red-eyed with rage he roared and pranced
and raised his arm to punish them.

Fire-eater sneezed to hide his tears
at the brave-hearted puppet’s stand
Pinocchio mastered all his fears
to save poor Harlequin, his friend.

He gave Pinocchio coins of gold
and wished him well and let him go
but Fox and Cat a story told
and tricked him with a tale of woe.

Straight on! Fox and Cat following,
when dusk came they were hungry, so
they went into the Red Prawn Inn
who paid the bill? Pinocchio!

Pinocchio has paid no mind
to friendly Cricket’s good advice
you can be sure the rascals find
his coins and steal them in a trice!

The golden coins Pinocchio hid
inside his mouth, it made him choke
the rascals chased and captured him,
and left him hanging from an oak.

Blue Fairy sent a coachman there
to lend Pinocchio a hand
the coachman cut him down with care
but poor Pinocchio couldn’t stand.

Pinocchio was put to bed
three doctors came and looked at him
they said that he was almost dead
and that he must take medicine.

The little fairy nursed him well
and gave him medicine each day
Pinocchio didn’t like the smell
said “No”! And pushed it all away.

But when the undertakers brought
a coffin, he knew he must try
he had to drink that awful draught
because he didn’t want to die.

He couldn’t tell the fairy why
they’d hung him up upon a tree
and every time he told a lie
his nose grew longer rapidly.

The woodpeckers all flew about
and chiselled down the nose of wood
Pinocchio wanted to go out
to find Geppetto if he could.

But Fox and Cat were just ahead
they cornered him and told a tale
they made him sow his coins and said
“The field of miracles cannot fail”.

Pinocchio said he had been robbed
but nobody believed his tale
and though he cried and wailed and sobbed
they threw the puppet into jail.

When finally he was released
he set off for the fairy’s home
the serpent didn’t get a feast
a sharp trap cut him to the bone!

The man who caught Pinocchio
attached him with a heavy chain
he had to guard a hen-house, so
he was in trouble once again!

Some weasels came during the night
he did not help them steal a hen
his master said he had done right
and freed the puppet there and then.

At last Pinocchio was free
he jumped and danced he was so glad
he wanted to go back and see
his little fairy who was sad.

He did not find the fairy’s home
the one he loved had died of grief
Pinocchio cried upon the tomb
his poor blue fairy lay beneath!

A silent dove flew downwards then
and took him to the windy shore
to meet his father once again
and live together as before.

But Geppetto had rowed away!
Pinocchio braved the stormy sea
among the waves an island lay
where everyone worked busily.

And there his fairy lived again
he promised her to study hard
she gave him schoolbooks and a pen
and off he went to the school yard.

Pinocchio’s schoolmates laughed and jeered
he turned away along the shore
to see a shark that had appeared
upon the beach the night before.

The naughty boys soon lost their head
they fought and knocked a classmate down
Pinocchio stayed the others fled
the boy lay still upon the ground.

Pinocchio now, under arrest,
forgot the fairy’s good advice
he’d promised her to do his best
but didn’t want to pay the price.

He saw a mastiff in the sea
the poor dog was about to drown
although he wanted to be free
he helped the dog to reach the ground.

Pinocchio thought he’d got away
but was soon caught by the Green Man
“I’m not a fish!’ he tried to say
‘Don’t put me in the frying pan!”.

When the Green Man began to fry
Pinocchio called out in despair
the mastiff heard the puppet’s cry
and snatched him from the ogre’s lair.

He got back home so late at night
a snail at the window said
‘Wait until morning when it’s light’
he kicked the door ‘I want my bed!’.

He saw a good meal coming close
his foot was stuck fast in the door
there was no food, it was all false
Pinocchio fainted on the floor!

The fairy had forgiven him
and had a day fixed for the toy
to change his little wooden limbs
and turn into a real boy.

But Candlewick said, “I’m so smart
how wonderful it’s going to be!
I’m going on a golden cart
with ribbons, to the toy country!”.

There followed months of fun unknown
but in the end the flaw appeared
the heads of all the boys had grown
a pair of great big donkey’s ears!

So poor Pinocchio had become
a little donkey, how he brayed!
The circus people made him run
and jump through hoops while music played.

But one sad day Pinocchio fell
the ringmaster said “He must go!
He cannot jump I’ll have to sell
to buy another for the show”.

They sank him down into the sea
to make a drum of donkey skin
but then some fishes set him free
he was a puppet once again!

Pinocchio thought he’d won the day
he almost reached the little goat
but though he tried to swim away
he slipped back down the great shark’s throat!

And there he found his father, right
inside the belly of the fish
eating in pale candlelight
a sardine in a little dish.

Then they decided they would dive
between the jaws into the sea
the tuna fish escaped alive
and carried them they had got free!

Their home was waiting for them still
Cricket and Goat had kept it sound
to help Geppetto who was ill
Pinocchio pushed the wheel around.

And when the puppet heard the news
that his fairy had fallen sick
he worked all night to pay the dues
and didn’t play a single trick!

Pinocchio has discovered how
by helping others you find joy
he’s not a wooden puppet now
he’s changed into a real boy!